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21-year-old FBCA Alumnus Has Already Written Two Books

Posted by Brittney Byrd on Tue, Mar 27, 2018 @ 07:36 PM

tim.jpg“Lifer” Timothy Lucik, Class of 2015, is a Published Author

Fort Bend Christian Academy “Lifer” Timothy Lucik, class of 2015, did not always enjoy writing, but he obviously has a knack for it. 

At age 21, Lucik has already published two books: Away from the Nest: More Than Just a Guide to a Successful College Career and Please, Don't Call On Me: A Collegial Guide to Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication, both available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble’s website.

Away from the Nest gives a solution to the problem of starting off college without a template,” Tim said. “It gives you a direction and a path to stay on that makes the most out of college, and it works!”

In his second book Please, Don't Call On Me, Tim provides a guide to overcoming the common fear of speaking in front of people—something that used to terrify him.

The Secret to Tim's Success

“My parents Ron and Lisa Lucik have been so supportive of my work,” Tim said. “I cannot tell you how many times they read these two manuscripts, proofing, revising and editing! There are a lot of people who helped indirectly make the books what they are today. Most of the wisdom and knowledge contained in these books came from other people--mentors, family, friends, books, professors, students and others. I didn't create the content. Others did. I just wrote it down!”

Although the content was a collaboration, Tim admits that it required discipline to put it altogether.

“I wake up at 5 a.m. every morning, just so I can spend an hour writing a minimum of 500 words a day. In essence, that discipline was what enabled me to finish the process. 500 words each day, every day, each week until completion.”

Tim wants his books to provide the wisdom young people need to overcome their fears and be successful. In Please, Don’t Call On Me, he writes:

“Everyone knows that fear and anxiety have a way of limiting us. They like to keep us in our bubble and keep us paralyzed from an activity – usually activities that would enhance our lives. Fear keeps us from exploring all of the things life has to offer us. But when we are challenged by others, or when we become empowered by our spirit, we break loose from the chains that once bound us. We become something new.”

More about Tim

While attending FBCA, Lucik was involved with the Interact Club and National Honors Society. During his junior and senior years, he served as a captain for the varsity soccer team. Tim made Honor Roll every year, and he also received the English Award during his junior year.

Currently, Tim is studying Industrial Distribution at Texas A&M’s College of Engineering. This summer, he will be interning at Fujitsu Network Communication, in the Dallas area, where he will be working in Market Analytics and Sales Operations.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys fly-fishing, photography and reading. Over the past two years, he has maintained a pace of 50+ books a year. He begins and ends everyday by journaling. You can find his blog at He also writes and edits speeches for fellow members of local Toastmasters International, an international public speaking and leadership club.

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