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FBCA Celebrates Many Years of Excellence with Bridgett Brown

Posted by Brittney Byrd on Tue, Apr 04, 2017 @ 07:35 PM

Fort Bend Christian Academy's 30th Anniversary is a perfect time to reflect on dedicated individuals who have encouraged students and supported the growth and mission of the school, glorifying God through excellence in college-preparatory Christian education.  

Bridgett Brown's Long-Time Service  

There are many people who have invested time into Fort Bend Christian Academy, but Mrs. Bridgett Brown has served the school for 24 years! Brown began as a teacher, but for more than a decade she has managed the Standing on a Solid Rock (SOAR) ProgramThe goal of FBCA's SOAR Program is to insure students of all ages succeed in the classroom. 

"When I think of the SOAR Program, I think retention, retention, retention," Brown said. "I want to retain all of the students enrolled in our school. I believe God has brought each student to us, and I work through the SOAR Program to keep our students successful, confident, and progressing."

IMG_3140-1.jpgAs the SOAR Program Instructor, Brown is a Texas State Certified teacher with specific training designed to maximize student potential in a variety of specialized and challenging learning situations. Her knowledge and understanding of the FBCA curriculum allows her to address the needs of students as they progress through grade levels. She has worked with hundreds of students, helping them manage their work in the classroom as well as organizational and study skills. Brown also works with a variety of international students on campus (Vietnam, China, Nigeria, Brazil).  

Students Who Benefit From SOAR

Students who find the SOAR Program beneficial are those who:

  • Require additional support with a specific academic concept 
  • Need academic remediation in a specific area of deficiency
  • Struggle with organization or study skills
  • Have challenges with English as a second language 
  • Have been absent from school due to illness for an extended period
  • Are on academic probation

"Life has many challenges and students may need help to overcome those challenges," Brown said. "In all the different ways challenges present themselves, SOAR is here to get students through that tough time." 

The Growth of FBCA

During her time at FBCA, Brown has seen the school change from a small "church" school with the families all very similar in socioeconomic backgrounds to a much larger, diverse school. 

"I remember looking out the front doors of the elementary school a few years ago on the first day of school as the students, both elementary and middle school, were pouring in and thinking, 'We are no longer a small school. We are an international school with a huge, mixed, beautiful blessing of people, cultures, and strengths,'" she said. 

Brown's son, Matthew, FBCA class of '05, obtained a Masters in Divinity at Southwestern Baptist Theoloigcal Seminary in Fort Worth. In their spare time, Brown and her husband, Troy, enjoy square dancing and traveling. 

 Visit Our Campus

Fort Bend Christian Academy is a private school located in Sugar Land, Texas. FBCA is celebrating 30 years of excellence in college-preparatory, Christian education! For more information, visit the website and schedule a tour

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