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Get the Inside Scoop on Your Mascot Swoop

Posted by Brittney Byrd on Thu, May 24, 2018 @ 07:07 PM

The Inside Scoop on Swoop

Few people know the history behind the FBCA mascot, but the mystery of Swoop has been unveiled!  

Fort Bend Christian Academy chose it's Eagle mascot name, Swoop, back in 2009. The name Swoop won by a majority, beating out other student submissions such as Optimus Prime.   

IMG_7335-web.jpg"Our mascot was originally named Eagle, and several dads then created the "Talon Club" (present-day Booster Club)," Coach Gray, long-time FBCA employee said. "They changed the look of the eagle several times.They wanted a more fierce looking eagle. Lynn Dupree, the first official athletic director, came up with the eagle we use for our logo today."

For the past decade, students have shown their school spirit by raising a pinky finger and thumb, forming eagle wings, which has become known as "the Swoop" signal. 

So, what does it take to be Swoop? The answer is energy! It's hot inside all of Swoop's feathers, and mascot duties include a lot of physical activity. Swoop is a bold, confident and friendly character. The mascot can be seen at various events including football games, pep rallies and all-school events. 

Various students have served as Swoop over the years, and this year, two freshman, Jessica Crocker and Elizabeth Walker, have had the opportunity to share in the fun and switch off as mascot. 

Jessica Crocker 

“Being Swoop has been such a great outlet for me. The costume has given me the opportunity to be as crazy as I want and cheer on the eagles. I make sure that no matter what is happening, Swoop is hyping up the crowd and having fun. I have been known to be dancing at all times, so being Swoop has really let me show off my moves. If I can just make one kid laugh, my whole entire night will be made. Being Swoop has become such a big part of my life, and I’m so excited to continue being Fort Bend Christian Academy’s mascot!” 

Jessica is also on the volleyball team and the soccer team.

Elizabeth Walker

“Not much skill is really required to be Swoop—just a love for having fun. My favorite thing about being Swoop is making little kids laugh. My best moves are when I’ve been dancing for a while and am running out of things to do, so I make up something weird and crazy on the spot! Thank you to all the parents who encourage their kids to say hi to Swoop, and to all of the children who give me a high-five or hug and smile at me and make my day!”

Elizabeth is part of the swim team, praise band, Mu Alpha Theta, Tri-M, and she was also Rapunzel in the spring musical, Into the Woods.

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