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FBCA Alumna Update | Mallory Kornegay, '06, Becomes Officer in U.S. Army Reserves

Posted by Brittney Byrd on Tue, Nov 28, 2017 @ 08:00 PM

In August 2016, Mallory, Class of 2006, signed a contract stating her intent to serve as an officer in the United States Army Reserves.

I consider it my greatest honor to help protect and serve others. Joining the military is something I wanted to do since high school,” Mallory said. “I elected to join the Army Reserves because it synced harmoniously with my current path. I am currently in graduate school at Texas A&M University and have a civilian career that I am passionate about. Electing for the reserves allowed me to pursue all of those opportunities.”4660B776-9666-4578-AE16-5803B889509D.jpegIn the Army, there are three ways to earn your officer commission: graduate West Point, complete a ROTC program at your university or Officer Candidate School (OCS).  Mallory was accepted into the OCS program, which means she went through basic combat training at Fort Jackson for 10 weeks and then went to Fort Benning for OCS. Officer Candidate School (OCS) is a twelve-week intensive leadership course designed to test ones physical and mental abilities in order to determine if one is capable of serving as an officer in the United States Army. The course is designed to exploit your weaknesses.

“If you are physically not as strong as others, how will handle that?” Mallory said. “If you fail a test, how will stay motivated and pass the next? You are confined to small quarters with 96 other individuals for 12 weeks, how will you handle that?”  

Additionally, there are several challenging graduation requirements built into the program such as land navigation, a military history exam, squad and platoon tests, and ruck marches with 50lbs. in your pack.

“The amount of pride, joy and just simple relief one has from completing the program is difficult to express,” Mallory said. “You have been transformed; whoever you were 12 weeks ago has been forever changed into something so much more.”

Mallory is currently serving in Houston. As a reservist, she serves one weekend per month and two weeks out of the summer.

“I am fortunate to say that I will be serving as a Second Lieutenant in the S4 of the 450th CBRN Battalion,” Mallory said. “In laymen’s terms that translates to: I will be helping with the logistical planning for a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear unit. As with any reservist unit, there is always the opportunity that my unit could be activated to active status, which means we would deploy to complete whatever mission we have been assigned.”

Mallory attended FBCA from Kindergarten through 12th grade and participated in band, athletics, theatre and more. Her sister Lauren (Class of 2002) is also an FBCA eagle and her cousins Morgan (class of 2015) and Kenedy (class of 2019) are also FBCA eagles.

“To this day I can tell you every teacher, every coach, every mentor I had, and name the specific impact they had on my life,” Mallory said. “The education I received from Fort Bend Christian Academy has not only prepared me for my military career, but more importantly, for life. From coaches such as Coach Inajo Grey who taught me to put the team before myself, to educators such as Mrs. Candy Anderson who instilled a deep passion for pursing education. Since graduation, I have been aware of the difference and importance my experience at FBCA had on my life. It is something I do not take for granted, but instead, have tried to honor and uphold.” 

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