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Student Reinstates Debate Club at FBCA

Posted by Brittney Byrd on Thu, Apr 26, 2018 @ 07:02 PM

Newly Instated Debate Club Holds First Tournament 

After nearly a decade hiatus, Fort Bend Christian Academy debate club has been reinstated! The club held its first in-house tournament on Saturday, April 21, 2018.

14 students debated whether or not civil disobedience in a democracy is justified.

Katelyn Graham, a transfer student, was actively involved in debate club at her former high school, and she knew Fort Bend Christian Academy would benefit from the program. With the help of Upper School Registrar Michelle Walker, Katelyn reinstated the debate club at the school.  

“Debate forces you to look at the other side of an idea because, you must argue for and against any topic,” Katelyn said. “This has opened my eyes a lot when looking at social issues and better understand what is going on in our world. I think without debate it's extremely hard for hard-headed kids to be open-minded, do research and actually listen. We think we know everything and we know what we are talking about because we saw it on social media or saw a snippet on the news.”Debate ClubMrs. Walker competed in speech and debate in high school and served as a judge in college, and each week she provides the students with lessons on fallacies, history, social skills and logic.

“Learning how to form an opinion, how to draw a logical conclusion, how to shake a hand, how to speak in front of people, all these skills will transfer to other classes and life in general,” Walker said.  

Debate students are required to dress professionally at competitions. Blazers are encouraged. 

“We expect business attire. There is no ‘casual in debate,” she said.

Those interested in joining the debate team should contact Mrs. Walker. Anyone with a desire to learn is welcome.

“Debate drove me to want to know more,” Katelyn said. “It's not just about arguing. It’s about understanding and communicating, and I feel like in our generation especially, we lack those skills.”

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