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5 Simple Ways Teens Can Recommit to God in the New Year

Posted by Kim Rice on Mon, Jan 08, 2018 @ 10:14 AM

Recommitting Your Life to God Most people’s New Year’s resolutions revolve around basic lifestyle changes like exercising, dieting or saving money. While it’s crucial to maintain our physical and financial well-being, we don’t want to do so at the expense of our spiritual health.

Instead of making the traditional resolutions this year, you may find it more fulfilling to reaffirm your faith or strengthen and expand your relationship with God during these formative teen years. Reconnect with God this year by setting one (or all!) of these five biblically based New Year’s resolutions.

#1 Pray on a Regular Basis

God is always there to hear our prayers, but how often do we reach out to Him and welcome His guidance and grace in our lives? Think back to the last time you prayed outside of church. If you can’t remember, that’s a surefire sign you could benefit from a more regular prayer routine.

Resolutions are easiest to stick with when we do them at the same time every day and when they are manageable and realistic. With this in mind, start off by praying just five to ten minutes every day. You can pray while doing other activities, such as getting ready in the morning, commuting to school or enjoying your favorite hobby. The key is to keep the lines of communication open. You may find that, with time, you feel more comfortable focusing all your attention on prayer without any distractions.

#2 Attend Church Every Week

While you may feel that church attendance is optional, it is an important part of building beneficial, godly relationships with friends and mentors in your church. Keep in mind that the Fourth Commandment is to keep the

Sabbath holy, which most Christian denominations translate to mean go to services and worship every Sunday. It’s also one of the easiest ways to keep a New Year’s resolution, as the time is already scheduled out for you. Completing your goal is as simple as being present, absorbing the Word of God and participating with the rest of the congregation. As you get into the habit of attending church, it will soon feel like second nature, and you will be grateful to have a supportive community by your side.

#3 Read (or Re-Read) the Bible

Many of us learn the messages of the Bible from our church leaders or our parents. While this is essential to our spiritual growth, it’s also crucial that we foster our individual connection with God by reading His Word from the Bible directly.

You may have found yourself easily discouraged by the language or length of the Bible when you were younger. However, now that you are older, you will have a much easier time understanding the passages. There are also many different Bible translations, some of which utilize simpler language and paraphrasing intended to make the Bible easier to read and the often abstract concepts simpler to absorb. The New International Version, New Living Translation and the English Standard Version may be good picks for tweens and teens who want to get the most out of their Bible reading experience.

Believe it or not, you can easily read the entire Bible over the course of a year by divvying it up and reading a small number of pages each day. If you need help, you can search online for Bible reading plans that will help you set concrete reading goals.

#4 Resolve to Give and Be Kind

Treating others with care and compassion is a key component of Christianity. This year, promise to give back to your community by signing up for volunteer work that is close to your heart. If you don’t have enough time for volunteering in addition to your regular schoolwork, sports and family obligations, commit to doing one small act of kindness each week instead.

#5 Surround Yourself with Like-Minded Christians

It’s much easier to complete your resolutions when you have loved ones cheering you on and a wide community of support. Luckily, most churches have plenty of activities you can join. If you are musically inclined, you may find fulfillment in singing for your church’s choir or playing a musical instrument during services. You may also benefit from attending teen Bible study where you’ll discuss how the Bible’s teachings are applicable to your daily life, especially when it comes to making friends, planning for your future or pursuing a romantic relationship.

Get Support for Your New Year’s Resolutions with Fort Bend Christian Academy

It can be difficult to keep Christian New Year’s resolutions when you have little to no support system, especially when you’re young. Attending a private Christian school like Fort Bend Christian Academy (FBCA) can make all the difference. When you interweave morals and principles with quality education and surround yourself with peers who share your values, it’s much easier to cultivate a flourishing, faith-driven life.

FBCA has educated Pre-K through grade 12 students in the Houston area for the past 30 years. Our curriculum is rigorous and all our subjects are taught from a biblical perspective so our students get the perfect blend of knowledge and spiritual guidance.

If you are interested in enrolling in FBCA this upcoming year, please apply online or contact us with any questions at (281) 263-9175.